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Fee Structure


Rate Of Tuition Fee Per Trainner Per Week

Regular Schedule     Tailor Mode
1. Nominee from Govt.Dept.Viz.Railway,Defence etc Rs. 1250.00 Rs. 2500.00
2. Nominess from medium and large scale Industries boht public and private sector. Rs. 2000.00 Rs.4000.00
3. Nominees from small scale Industries and Pvt. candidates. Rs.1000.00 Not Applicable
4. Nominees from Institute like polytechnic Engg.Collage and Other related Tech.Institute etc. Rs.1000.00 Rs.2000.00
5. Nominees from state Directorates. Nill Not Applicable

Payment May be made in cash(in person )/ through Banker's Cheque / Demand Draft, Drawn in favour of Drawing and Disbursing office , 'A.T.I Kanpur' Payable at 'kanpur.