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About CoE

The Government of India is upgrading 500 Govt. Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) all over the country into Centers of Excellence (COE). Majority of instructors in ITIs and ITCs have not been trained for working in COE. To bring about system-wide improvements in the quality of teaching, instructors in all the ITIs from all the states will be provided training as per the assessed needs. The COE Instructor training is an integral part of this scheme and accordingly, curriculum for COE Instructors training in Advanced Modules under various sectors was developed.
At A.T.I. Kanpur, 10 weeks of COE Instructors training program for Advanced Modules of Electrical sector is being conducted. This training is focused on upgrading the skills of instructors identified/recruited for placement in COE. The Institute will award certificate of proficiency after completion of course to the participating instructors.
The Advanced Training Institute, Kanpur is the only institute in the northern region to provide COE Instructor Training courses in Advanced Modules of Electrical Sector. The training is imparted using most modern teaching aids and the air conditioned COE lab/class is well equipped with latest and sophisticated machines and equipment for all the Advanced modules of electrical sector. Highly qualified faculties are engaged for training and well developed course material is given to trainees to make training more effective.

Machineries and Equipment available at COE lab:

  1. Electrical Machines Training System.
  2. Transformer Training System.
  3. Dissectible Machines Training System.
  4. Relay Operation and Testing System.
  5. Motor Winding Kit.
  6. Linear Motor Training System.
  7. Alternative Energy System.
  8. Switchgears ACB, VCB and MCCB.
  9. Basic Electronics Training Kit.
  10. Servo System Training System.
  11. Transducers Training System.
  12. PLC Training System.
  13. All Domestic Appliances.
  14. All Electrical/electronic measuring Instruments.
  15. AC/DC Drive Training System.